Wrong Party - Card Game

Brand: Hobby Zone

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  • What happens when you invite a Baby, your Dentist, a Drug-Sniffing Dog, and a Mall Santa to Slay a Dragon? And what Murder Mystery Party would be complete without a Proud Mom of an Honor Roll Student and a Cult Leader butting heads? If the front row of your Royal Wedding doesn’t feature a Killer Clown, are you really doing it right?
  • In this draft-style game, you try to have the coolest guest list. Sabotage your friends’ parties and make your own legendary!
  • From the creators of Unstable Unicorns, winner of the Toy of the Year Awards’ 2019 People’s Choice Award.
  • Wrong Party is for 2-5 players, ages 12+, and game play time is 30-60 minutes. The dimensions of the box are 6.89"(h) x 6.89"(w) x 1.69"(d), and the item weight is TBD. The box contains: 152 Party Guest and Party Theme cards, 1 Score Tracker, and 5 Party Hat player pieces.
  • Perfect for Friday nights with your closest friends! Perfect for awkward occasions with estranged family members! Perfect for passing time with your ex who still hasn’t moved out yet! Perfect to get your teenagers to leave their bedrooms during daylight hours!
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