Gel Ball Blasters

Equip Yourself with a Gel Ball Blaster Gun Available Online and Explore Fun Scenarios with Your Friends

Whether you're a big fan of accurate cosplay or you're looking for a less intense alternative to paintball, today's toy market has a product you're sure to love exploring: the gel ball gun. These legal toys are similar in some respects to other products one might use to stage games of tactical combat, with one key difference: the projectiles they fire are practically harmless, easy to acquire, and completely safe for the environment. That's because these toys don't fire plastic pellets or balls of paint; instead, the secret is right in the name: the gel ball. Totally biodegradable, you can blast away with your friends all day and never have to worry about harming the world around you.

Made from a special absorbent gel polymer that sucks up water, these balls often burst harmlessly upon impact; if they miss their intended target and land on the ground, time and the elements will allow the gel to dissolve naturally, leaving no trace behind. Whether you're already into gel balling and you're looking for a refill, or you're interested in purchasing your first gel blaster gun online, Hobby Zone has everything you need to get started and more. What else should you know about trying out this innovative new product?

Getting started with a gel ball gun

Choosing the gel gun you want most is the clear first step, but which one will fit that role? It depends on your goal. For example, Hobby Zone stocks an excellent reproduction of the guns carried in PUBG. Are you planning a cosplay outing at a local convention? Pick up this gel blaster online and round out your outfit with perfect accuracy. Want to engage with your friends in an outdoor battle on interesting terrain? Our digital armoury has a range of arms you can adopt, including a huge Gatling-style cannon that can saturate an area with gel balls in no time. It's all about what role you want to play in the game.

Hobby Zone is here to keep you stocked up even after the end of a protracted contest, too. With accessories and huge ammunition containers that contain up to 20000 gel balls, everything you need to get started in gel balling and to keep up with it is available here. With a full range of other cosplay products, too, you can complete an outfit in no time, or add other fun and interesting items to your order. 

Arm yourself with exciting new options now 

Ready to start exploring the excitement you could experience with a gel blaster? Take a look around our complete product offerings and fill your basket with the items you want. After placing your order, we promptly ship your items within two business days of receiving your payment. Have questions about these products, or want to know more about how they work? Contact Hobby Zone online and send us your questions. We'll be happy to help you out with answers.

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