Gel Ball Blaster User Guide 


- How old do I need to be to purchase a gel ball blaster? 

You must be 16 years or older to purchase a gel ball blaster.

- The couriers have delivered my parcel to me, but why can't I see the gel balls I orders? They are missing!! 

The gel balls that you have additionally purchased on top of the blaster itself is place INSIDE the gel ball blaster box to avoid any damage from happening during the transit and handling of your gel balls.

Once your receive your parcel from the couriers, slowly slide the plastic tray that is holding up the gel ball blaster out, make sure you pull it out FULLY.

Then pick up the gel ball blaster box and swish it side to side and do a 360 rotation on it swinging it up and down, to ensure that there are no traces of small wrangling items left inside the box, as you may accidentally throw out the gel balls you purchased along with the blaster box due to being too excited to throw the box away into the recycling bin.

- I charged the battery overnight! It should be fully charged by now, why does it not work when I plug and connect it to the blaster.

At this point in time, your battery probably would have melted and self exhausted itself by now. These batteries are delicate items, please take good care of it. 

Please ensure you DO NOT charge the battery overnight. Watch four episodes of Demon Slayer, which is roughly 1-2 hours, and that will be sufficient enough to last you a while. 

- When I use the blaster the gel balls don't shoot far enough and sometimes doesn't even come out.

The gel ball size does matter. 

Please soak a batch of gel balls in its own container when you begin to binge watch a 16 episode drama series. If, however, you decide that you want to soak more gel balls AFTER the 16 episodes.

PLEASE DO NOT pour in a brand new load of dehydrated gel balls into the SAME CONTAINER. Otherwise, it will cause very uneven soaking of the gel balls, thus each gel ball will grow even more inconsistently than ever before. 

The best example was that we tested out the XYL 357 Python Pistol and these were the results. There were 3 sizes that we tested out.

1) The smaller ones that were only soaked for 1-1.5 hours seem to perform quite well as they slip into the loading barrel easily and smoothly. They shoot out but not as far as the medium sized gel balls.

2) The medium sized ones are the best as they fit the loading barrel nice and snuggly and shoot out straight and strongly.

3) The gel balls that were slightly larger in size which exceeded the 8mm mark are deemed to be overly swollen. When we put through these gel balls and fired it out from the Python, as soon as we pulled onto the trigger the gel ball exploded whilst it was in mid air and didn't travel as far as we thought it would have.  

- If I didn't use up all the gel balls in my magazine in this shooting session, can I keep the gel balls inside the magazine and continue using it the next time I pick my blaster back up again?

No, you cannot! After every shooting session you must empty out the gel balls from your magazine into the bin!! DO NOT pour these gel balls BACK into the container that you have the new gel balls soaked in already.

This is because the gel balls that had been inside the magazine are not in good working condition anymore. They would have depleted when rolling around the inside of the magazine, clashing into each other creating dents in one another. 

- Can I freeze the gel balls in the fridge so they turn hard and use them as my gel ball blaster ammo?


You will destroy the interiors and key functions of your gel ball blaster!!

They frozen gel balls will self explode INSIDE your blaster when you shoot!

- What YOU NEED to know about the 11.1 volt battery:

This battery is ONLY suitable for JD-100, JD-002, JD-006, JD-100 and the LH Kriss Vector V2 gel ball blaster.

  • 2000mAh 11.1 Volt
  • 11cm x 2cm
  • compatible with 4 pin head USB cable 
  • This is NOT a USB charging cord
  • Increases Fire rate only. FPS is not increased.
  • Please be careful as increased fire rate puts more stress on the nylon/plastic internals.

This charging dock requires a Universal Travel Power Adaptor in order for you to be able to use this charging dock. 

Please ensure you have a Universal Travel Power Adaptor at home first before you purchase this item.