"Meteor Shower" HD HK416D Gel Ball Blaster

Brand: Hobby Zone

Product Code: HD661A M416 POWER

$189.90 189.90

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Firing Range: 10 - 25 meters

Ammo Size: 7 - 8 mm


Length of Blaster: 76 cm

Length of Scope: 28 cm

Length of Accessory Muzzle: 17 cm


Pic rail hand guard

High capacity Bottom fed magazine

Adjustable Stock

Attachable accessories

Lightweight and portable

USB charging

Rechargeable Lithium battery

Fully automatic firing

Safety switch

The bullets are made of water polymer, easy to break and nontoxic


1 x High Capacity spring Bottom fed Magazine

1 x Silencer muzzle

1 x Foregrip

1 x Removable Accessory Laser Scope

2 x Iron sight attachments

1 x Adjustable Stock

1 x Attachable Sling

1 x Safety Glasses

1 x USB Charger cable

1 x Rechargeable 7.4v Li-ion battery

2 x Small Satchels of Dry Gel Balls

1 x Retractable practice target

1 x Gel ball Cartridge