Touken Ranbu Online Hachisuka Kotets Katana Sword

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Product Code: TOUHACS

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Overall Length 104cm
Blade Length 69cm
Blade Width 2.8cm
Blade Material Carbon Steel
Blade Edge 4mm; Blunt
Handle Length 28cm
Handle Hard Wood; Red Faux Ray Skin and Nylon Cord Wrappings
Fitting Zinc Alloy
Scabbard Hard Wood; Painted Finish
Accessories Decorative Bead



ÊHachisuka KotetsÊis a personified sword character in Touken Ranbu Online game series. He isÊportrayed wearing golden armors is because his koshirae color is golden-colored.ÊThe realÊKotetsÊsword was forged in 1665 CE byÊNagasone Okisato (_____), and was once belong to Hachisuka clan who ruled Tokushima domain, thus the reason of his name.

His inscription is as follow:

    • _________ (Nagasone Okisato nyuudou Kotetsu).
    • ___________ _____ ________ (Kanbun 5 (1665 CE) Kinotomi Shimotsuki (November) 11, futatsu dousetsudan, Yamanokaemon Nagahisa) _ written with gold inlay, with a signature at the end.

Futatsu dousetsudan refers to the fact that when Hachisuka was used in a cutting test, he was able to cut down two corpses piled together. Yamanokaemon Nagahisa is the place where the cutting test was held at.