"Crocodile Rage"Lj M416 Gel Ball Blaster

Brand: Hobby Zone

Product Code: G640-10 or G640-PS

$89.90 89.90

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Firing Range: 10-15 Meters

Ammo Size:7 - 8 mm

Bottom Magazine fed.
Removable accessories.
Safety switch.
Automatic firing modes

Length of Blaster Body: 66cm
Length of Scope: 13.5cm
Length of Foregrip: 9.5cm
Length of Muzzle: 20cm
Length of Magazine: 15cm

1 x "Crocodile Rage" Lj M416 Gel Ball Blaster
1 x Small Sachet of Gel Balls
1 x Gel Ball Magazine
1 x 7.4 Volt Rechargeable Battery (4-pin connector)
1 x USB Charging Cable
1 x Foregrip
1 x Scope
1 x Safety Glasses
1 x Sling
1 x Laser
1 x Muzzle