Hobby Zone proudly offers a wide selection of stunning blades, but we are well-known for our samurai sword replicas. The samurai were aristocratic warriors of old Japan, known for their formidable military and battle skills. Perhaps the most iconic symbol of the samurai is their weapon of choice: the sleek swords that were as beautiful as they were deadly. These blades evolved in shape from straight to slightly curved, the latter being well-known as a katana. If you are looking for a samurai sword, we have the finest replicas in New Zealand.

Whether you are a collector, historian, or cosplay enthusiast, our impressive online selection is sure to have the perfect samurai blade for your needs. We offer mini-replicas, full-size swords, an array of coloured handles, scabbards, both straight and curved blades (for historical accuracy), and even twin sword sets. If deciding which of these stunning swords to purchase isn’t a task in itself, the other thing to consider is to display your blade in or out of the equally striking scabbards.

Perhaps a plain katana with an ornamental black handle accented with detailed metal is an ideal choice. Or a black lacquered handle with traditional gold Japanese accents might be closer to what you are seeking. If your preference is a metal handle artfully wrapped with fabric, we do offer these complete with a matching scabbard bearing its own designs. For someone who is seeking a truly unique item, our twin sword set with perfectly straight dark carbon steel blades and black-wrapped handles is nothing short of a show-stopper.