Kia Ora Hobby Zone fam!

Boy do we have some news for you all! Hobby Zone is excited to announce the long-awaited arrival of the Special Edition, Itachi POP Vinyl!

Naruto Vinyl #578 boasts Itachi's signature red Sharingan eyes, wielding a kunai while he is putting someone under genjutsu. Wearing the famed Akatsuki cloak and the konoha headband, this is definitely a stylish and bold piece that is missing in your collection!

And no, it's not Itachi's genjutsu making you want to add him to your collection, it's your own desire. Believe it!

With this particular Itachi Pop Vinyl being sold on Amazon on EBay for upwards of $40USD, for only $30NZD in-stores and online, this bargain
is too tough to miss out on, and will make you regret not buying your own!

This is a perfect gift for Naruto lovers, Anime lovers, or even POP Vinyl collectors who want to spice up their shelves with
something "a little bit different!"

Don't miss out!