Wilma Flintstone Deluxe Costume, Child - Rubies

Brand: Rubies

Product Code: 38557

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She's the beautiful wife of Hanna-Barbera character, Fred Flintstone. Wilma is a key character in the 1960 animated cartoon series and subsequent Warner Bros live action movies and TV spin-offs, "The Flintstones". A patient and understanding cavewoman from the stone age era, Wilma is known for her single-strapped white dress with matching pearls and her red hair in a bun. Best friends with Betty Rubble, she is also mother to Pebbles. Head to bedrock as the wonderful cavewoman, Wilma.

White polyester dress with body colour illusion fabric long sleeves and shoulder and zig zag hemline plus elasticised waist
Orange bun styled headpiece made from moulded felt fabric with painted strand details
Oversized plastic "pebble" necklace jewellery
This is an officially licensed The Flintstones product