The Child Accessory Set, Child - Rubies

Brand: Rubies

Product Code: 202430

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The Child, colloquially known as Baby Yoda is a character in Star Wars original TV series "The Mandalorian" (2019) on Disney+. He is a 50-year-old toddler of the same unnamed species of alien as Yoda. He also has many of the same skills and abilities using "the force". In the series, the Mandalorian is hired to track down and capture the Child (the Bounty) and deliver him to the Client. Dress as the Child for Halloween, your next green party or any mystery party!

Polar fleece neck piece (collar) with velcro fasten at front
Headpiece is made from polar fleece material with satin inserts in the 3D fibre filled ears
Facial features are embroidered on and eyes have a glossy finish with sparkly effect
Velcro tabs close the headpiece under the chin
This is an officially licensed Star Wars product