RQ White P90 Secret Mission Gel Ball Blaster Cosplay

Brand: Hobby Zone

Product Code: RQ-95 White

$84.90 84.90



Firing Range:Ê10Ê- 20 Meters

Ammo Size:Ê9Ê- 11 mm

  • Lightweight and portableÊ
  • USB charging
  • The bullets are made of water polymer, easy to break and nontoxic
  • Built-in rechargeable lithium batteryÊÊ
  • NOTE: The magazine is NOT transparent or see-through. It is matte black.
  • NOTE: There is NO laser that comes with it.Ê


  • Fully Automatic

    Accepts 9-11mm Gel Balls only

    6 x Sachets of Dehydrated Gel Balls (300 in each pack)

    1 x Gel Ball Storage Cartridge (Can fit approximately 400 hydrated gel balls)

    1 x 6-volt rechargeable lithium battery

    1 x Battery charging USB cord

    1 x Safety Glasses

    1 x Clip-on Shoulder Strap

    1 x Scope (Laser installed into it)

    1 x In-house Top Feeder

    1 x Muzzle (Can be pulled off if you donÕt like the Muzzle there) 14cm

    1 x Blaster Body 50cm