LJ Chilli Pepper AWM Gel Ball Blaster

Brand: Hobby Zone

Product Code: G800-18

$189.90 189.90


Firing Range:Ê15- 18Êmeters

Ammo Size:Ê7- 8 mm


    • TheÊgel balls are made of water polymer, easy to break, and nontoxic
    • Safety switch.
    • Buttstock that you canÊfold back onto the blaster
    • Bottom FedÊmagazine.
    • Fully automatic firing mode
    • You install the battery at the back of the blaster. You need to TWIST the end part of the blaster towards your body and PULL the black cover off.
    • The electricity wires are hidden inside the red part of the circular tube.
    • Pull it out CAREFULLY until you see the black connecting dock for your battery.Ê


      • Full length of blaster body: 116cm
      • Magazine Width: 10cm | Height: 8cm
      • Length of Muzzle: 20cm
      • Length of Scope: 34cm
      • Height of Bi-pod: 22cm
      • 1 x 7.4 Volt Rechargeable Battery
      • 1 x USB Charging Cable
      • 1 x Muzzle
      • 1 x Shoulder Sling
      • 1 x Bottom Fed Magazine
      • 1 x Safety Glasses
      • 1 x Removable Accessory to install onto your side rail
      • 1 x Small Sachet of Gel Balls
      • 1 x Empty Gel Ball Rectangle Shaped Red Storage Container
      • 1 x Colourful PanÊ