[ONLINE] Ichiban Kuji – Rent-A-Girlfriend Satisfaction Level 2 Raffle

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1 Ticket = 1 Random WINNING PRIZE 

Tickets are numbered 1- 80, simply purchase from the number corresponding to the ticket that you want.

A live draw will be held on Facebook and Instagram every Wednesday evening

There are 80 prizes to be won! Buy any number of tickets for a chance to win any of the prizes in the images. There will be a Facebook live stream of the drawing of the prizes after you have purchased the tickets. 

Set of 80 pieces

A Prize: Figure x 4 (23cm)
B Prize: Tapestry x 3 (A2 Size)
C Prize: Tapestry x 1 (A2 Size)
D Prize: Tapestry x 2 (A2 Size)
E Prize: Tapestry x 3 (A2 Size)
F Prize: Figure x 16 [4 styles] (H:4.5cm)
G Prize: Illustration Board x 23 [4 styles] (H:17cm)
H Prize: Rubber Charm x 28 [8 Styles] (H:6.5cm)

LAST ONE PRIZE: Figure x 1 (23cm)


  • Please note that for Kuji items, there are no holds or reservations for Kuji tickets for bank deposit payment options until the order is paid / deposit cleared.

  • Strictly no cancellations and refunds for Kuji purchased.


    This is so that our tailored Kuji-only postage rates can be applied to checkout for you, instead of you having to pay a pricey, oddly numbered amount.

    We will refund you on the difference in the shipping if you end up winning smaller prizes such as a towel, file holder, or a keyring 😊 *Depending on the delivery address too, whether you live at a rural address or far away in Invercargill.

    The shipping amount that the payment page says you need to pay is just to cover if you end up winning a large figurine, then we wouldn’t need to send out an email to you about paying more shipping, wait for an email reply and the extra payment to come through, then, proceed to post the figurine(s) out to you.

    Minimizes delay in posting out the item to you ❤️