Break the Code - Board Game

Brand: Hobby Zone

Product Code: 16992

$33.90 33.90


Will you choose the right questions to break the Code? Deduce, eliminate, guess correctly!

Each code is a combination of colored numbers. Use deduction to crack the gameäó»s code by cracking your opponentsäó». You can gather details about position and colors of your opponent number tiles such as: äóìWhere are your fives?äó� or äóìHow many white tiles do you have?äó�

Multiplayer and duel modes offer very different sensations!

In a duel, you are aiming to break your opponentäó»s code before he does. For three to four players, you need to break the code hidden on the table by first identifying your opponentsäó». This game is a tactical mind game, whatever set up you play withäó_