Alien Costume, Child - Rubies

Brand: Rubies

Product Code: 700922

$97.80 97.80

Extra-terrestrials, UFO's, alien invaders - the concept of life beyond Earth has intrigued us and played with our imagination since life first existed. Do they exist? What do they look like? Can they communicate? And are they friendly? Become a supernatural being from outer space in this cool costume - perfect for Halloween, Book Fun Day and parties that are simply out of this world!

Full length hooded robe in polyester fabric with gold details at hood, collar and centre panel plus glittery stars in purple panel from chest to ground
Robe features soft hoop insert in base to give fullness and 'floating above ground' effect
Soft green fabric mask with mesh eyes to see through and chest panel to cover skin
Large 3D foam gloves with 3 fingers
This is an official Rubie's product